The word "I" in Spanish, often followed by the words no se.

Yo soy continuando estudiar.
بواسطة Lyndsey Joy فبراير 4, 2008
The definitive article "Hey" or a slang expression used as a greeting or to get someone's attention.
Hey yo, what's up! Yo, how you livin'?
بواسطة Pedro M. ابريل 11, 2003
Urban slang means Hello or Hi. Sometimes followed with an "a" to make the work ayo which is sometimes better than just yo
Yo this ramen noodle is good

Yo this is my boy mike

Ayo whats fresh
بواسطة YeaimaConnor ابريل 30, 2014
Interchangeable with the words "huh" or "what" or "hey"
Anon 1: Yo!
Anon 2: Yo?
بواسطة JDahl97 ابريل 16, 2014
Slang for hello or hi
بواسطة pooppooop نوفمبر 28, 2013
Abbreviation for years old.
18yo. = 18 years old
بواسطة Get the d stain. يناير 28, 2012
A slang word for the word hi. mainly used by gangstas
"Yo, whats up with you?"
بواسطة adsdfdgggthjukui يناير 26, 2012

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