When you dont get a hair cut for a while and your sidies grow pretty long and they spread out like wings. This is perfect when you want to shake your head and feel your wings tickle you along with your massive fringe. Also see grommet. Grommets are the first to have wings at school after a long summer session living at the beach.
James got his wings clipped when he went back to school, but Nicks kept on growing.
بواسطة Nick Glenn فبراير/شباط 10, 2004
The accumulation of fat that protrudes slightly outward from under the arms of extremely obese people.
Did you see the season premier of The Biggest Loser last night? Those guys had some huge wings
#fat #fupa #obese #not skinny #gross
بواسطة Bob's Burgers مارس/آذَار 28, 2011
Similar to cuffing someone, making them your main guy or chick, putting them under your wings, watching over them loving them, just giving them the best ever!
If I was your girl I would wing you like no other.
#cuff #love #take care of #complement #transform
بواسطة L0v3h8tr فبراير/شباط 8, 2010
Paul McCartneys Next Band after the Beatles
constantly slagged off Despite McCartney's gift for Melody
I Guesse the Beatles Were an Impossible Act To Follow,For EVERYONE John Lennon included.
''Wings? Who are They?''
''Only The Band The Beatles Could Have Become!''
Alan Partridge
#paul #denny #linda #lennon #mccartney
بواسطة ayeyermaw مايو/أيار 5, 2006
Short for Buffalo Wings.
Lets go get some wings at BDubs.
بواسطة Josh ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 10, 2003
Verb. To hurl a penny really hard, usually at the back of the head of someone sitting in front of you. A popular school prank.
A nickel might do more damage, but it was never worth throwing away 5 cents if you missed.
(Don't try this in college)
A penny can fly fast and hard if you wing it, especially if you held it like you're going to skip a stone, then put a snap to your wrist like a whip.

"Tee Hee, let's wing that guy in English Class again, (you know the one the principal caught beating off in the bathroom.")
Good penny wingers ought to be on the pitching staff of the school team, instead of in detention.
#hurl #fling #density #hole in the head #frisbee
بواسطة skydog70 مايو/أيار 7, 2007
The term 'wing' is short of wingman; A Wing is a man who will help create an opportunity for one or more of his heterosexual male friends to engage in an episode of short-term and/or non-monogamous sex with a woman of interest. A Wing is a combination of a matchmaker, a wingman, and a personal 'p.r. agent' for his male friends.
I'm going to keep it real . . . Alan has been the best Wing for me that any single man could ever have. I have gotten laid with more women because of Alan's verbal seduction skills than my own personal charm and charisma
#wingman #wingwoman #match-maker #best man #personal dating coach #personal advisor #male social companion
بواسطة Jack L. إبريل/نَيْسان 4, 2015
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