The scapegoat for all that is bad and evil, cancer, aids, slavery, holocaust, etc is all the fault of the white man apparently. Of course electricity, running water, health care, space travel, internet, etc is brushed over and ignored. The white man rolls his eyes and his sleeves and gets the job done whatever it may be - this is called the White Mans Burden, a poem written by the great English poet Rudyard Kipling.
Jermain - 'White men are sooo evil.'
Tyrone - 'They invented Death ya know?'
Jerome - 'They're planning on colonising Mars one day and leaving us all.'
Jermaine - 'We're gonna be fucked, we'll have to start chasing Chinese and Indian girls.'
بواسطة James_Dean_007 نوفمبر 14, 2013
The White Man is a super hero who has the most powerful jizz in the world. His sperm count is so massive and full of power that if he gives even the slightest glance at a woman, they will become impregnated. His name cums from how much jizz he really has. He has so much jizz that he himself is walking around pale as a ghost due to his large jizz content.
Boy: "Hey did you hear Becky is pregnant?" Other boy: "Yeah I'm pretty sure that The White Man looked at her."
بواسطة SuperHeroWhiteMan ابريل 13, 2013
the white guys is the reason all us niggers are over here and they pay me and my mommas rent so get off they back
i cant pay my taxes cause i rather spend my money on drugs so lets get some welfare from the white man
بواسطة Jameshia سبتمبر 26, 2005
To 'have a Whiteman' means to have a mare, do something ridiculous, embarrassing or stupid.
I can't believe he fell over in front of that lass. He's had a Whiteman!
بواسطة durhamdog69 مايو 5, 2011
a white man is better is stature, intelligence and wit than any black man on Planet Earth.
White man: Oh look! that black man is having lunch
Black man bangs his chest and grunts like a monkey (which he is)
White woman: Oh! I'm so glad I am not a black person!
White man: Yes, darling. Well, the zoo is closing now and I think they have to feed the black man. Lets go
White woman: Ok love
-they leave whilst the black man peels a banana, well, he tries to anyway.-
بواسطة pnbejpvnrewobvwirbtspl يناير 1, 2014

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