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Universal Noise of Fucking. See above definition for onomatopoeic use as a sound itself.
بواسطة Video Warrior Laserion ديسمبر 14, 2002
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Common word used on Tumblr when seeing a hot person.
بواسطة hookerific اغسطس 21, 2011
sexual. Accronym for "Universersal Noise for Fucking"
particularly heard during intercouse when the female moans but bites her lip to silence herself. "unf" heard as "uuuuhhhfff" or "ooooouuuhhhnnnnnfff"
"all that bitch could say was unf"
بواسطة -GT فبراير 15, 2006
Universal noise of fucking. Also used to describe someone attractive.
Damn, Alex Gaskarth is so unf.
بواسطة wtfamisupposedtoputhere? اكتوبر 22, 2011
The noise that the Doom guy made when you tried to 'open' a wall like it was a door. uNF uNF
uNF uNF uNF uNF oh shit, this is a wall, not the door leading to the floating eyeball.
بواسطة dC//jANGEY يونيو 11, 2003
A term used to express sexual desire
Unf that guy is so HOT!
بواسطة Hella cool ابريل 10, 2014
Same as, "blown". Origin: The sound a guy makes when he cums.
"Unf, I have that paper due in two hours and I haven't even started."
بواسطة Awesomenesssss213 مارس 5, 2012

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