also known as a chav weres trakkies (tracksuits) likes brands like addidas,rebok, likes fake Burberry
check out
بواسطة haddy يونيو/حَزيران 3, 2005
WANKERS, tossers, burrburybandits, waste of a life, stole my bike beat up my brother, a group in Brighton called "TMC" "Two Messy Crew" but i like "Totaly Moody Cunts" which is what they are (so much anger weighting to spill out into the face of a townie)
townie: "ay wo' u lookin a'?"
human: "nothing, i just glanced over in your direction..?"
townie: "oit u fuckin qweea, wo' u sayin bou' ma mum bruv?"
human: firstly im not gay, secondly i did not say anything about your mother, and thirdly i am not of any relation!"(under breath "Thank god")
Note say some thing intellegant and while their trying to desuyfer it, run, because where thers 1 thers always another.
بواسطة Jez-TOWNIE_BASHING يناير/كانون الثّاني 13, 2005
Habitat: Cities, swamps and radioactive crap holes in the city.

Backround of word townie: TOWNIE comes from the Greek word Townificus. This of course means pile of shit and of corse we all know townies are formed from piles of shit but also there is another factor in the making of townies

Making of townies: As explained above townies are formed from a pile of shit but there are many others factors in this. For instance townies are born with bling which is formed from compisites of gold, pastic and also radioactive crap. Contrary to belief townies are born with a hole in their ear this is due to them being half women and allowing them to wear fake jewelry(obviously all townies are male those who look like girl hav a hormonal inbalance of eastrogen and thus overpowering the male hormones).
Townies are recognised by there destinctive odor and pungent smell of crap (pungent is actually a real word) They permanantly hav bling on and bling can only be removed by force in which case the townie shrivles into a ball of nothingness. tht bout all i can b botherd to say
بواسطة David Nobinson ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 30, 2004
(antonym ~ greb !)
shop in shitty sports shops and find it amusing to pretend to be overly drunk.
Call male goths, grebs and skaters things such as "bummer boys" and "gays", though realistically they are the ones paying money to see men run around a football pitch in shorts.
Would rather be regarded as the lesser intelligent race due to an inability to pronounce the letters "g" and "t" and have problems when putting spaces in between words such as "in" and "it".
Main aim in life is to get pregnant before it is legal, or GET someone pregnant before it is legal.
Listen to distasteful music which is indistinguishable and write inane rubbish on toilet doors such as how they love question marks.
Mcdonalds employee or proud owner of a ford escort
بواسطة nat نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 30, 2004
a townie is just someone who doesnt have enough personality to dress how they want or by things that 500 people dont already have. they are people who dont have anyfriends so they just become a townie as it doesnt take any effort ( u just have to look like a looser that hasnt had a shower in 5 weeks) they are also completely weak and scrawny and like picking on people twice their size they also love to talk about sex etc. although they have never even touched a girl in their life unless they were pushed away from trying to touch her up. also something wors than a townie ( if u can belive it) is a wanna be townie, (they acctually exist) they have 'house parties' the girls prentend to be drunk on a cola or if their daring shandy.
TOWNIE: do you tink he is gay?
NORMAL PERSON:dunno dont realy care if he is, do u ? r u homophobic?
TOWNIE: what does that mean??
NORMAL PERSON: it means you have a predjudice against gay people
TOWNIE: (to fellow townie) hey man is you homophobic?
FELLOW TOWNIE: (confused expression) shut up man your gay!
بواسطة Ella نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 19, 2004
A townie is a person that looks down on everyone that they meet. they all have a 'leader'. in our school it's rachel cox. she is as thick as shit!. All townies plaster on make up with trowels and walk around in their so called 'designer clothes... yea rite.
townie 1)auww my gwaddd like my foundation has cracked!
townie 2)errrrrrm (thinks for a moment) ere i got sum (passes foundation and trowel)
Townie 1) cheers luv. auww my gwadd look at her (points at goth)
Townie 2) wat a freak!
goth) no i think u r the freaks
townie 1 & 2) ERRRRRRR NO!
Remind you of neone? 2 everyone at de ferres it shud do ( becky redfern and beth howard)
بواسطة marie نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 12, 2004
im a townie n i aint lyk dis this is all d bad townies. we is gd ppl innit n dnt ave kids n crap by d age of like 15 or wat eva ya chattin bout. i ave REAL burberry not fake so u chattin shit. i dnt even lyk cider. all me golds real n not tacky. i dnt go round startin on ppl 4 no reason so fukin get ur facts ryt
c am a gd townie! lmao ye ryt we all r innit!
بواسطة townie_hoe أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 21, 2004
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