Someone who is jacked and tan.
Wow that kid is mad topes.
بواسطة Philbertos ابريل 5, 2008
Top Definition
to be tight and dope at the same time.
i am a tope baller. I am tope at video games. That is a tope shirt man.
بواسطة joe mccurdy نوفمبر 10, 2007
tight and dope put in a pot and made into a soup.
"this game is tope as hell!","im blazed as fuck that green was tope."
بواسطة buggz ابريل 5, 2008
Darlo street slang - short for totes inappropes which is of course short for "totally inappropriate".
As in "The party was topes because people stripped their clothes off at the door."
بواسطة Cozza999 يونيو 21, 2009
To poke someone with your toe
I was watching a movie and my cat was on my foot, it got annoying after awhile so I toped it.
بواسطة Roastmasters اغسطس 10, 2009
1. spanish for speed bump
2. Titties, can be small or big

esp. causing a slow down in driving speed or, due to late reaction, a car crash.
Hey, Casey Jones, did you see those topes?
بواسطة JimbAround يونيو 23, 2005
A mix between Totally and Dope.
Friend: That backflip was Topes!
بواسطة NettiConfetti سبتمبر 25, 2010

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