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When your eating out a pregnant woman and her water breaks.
I nearly drowned last night because she gave me a tidal wave.
#pregnant #pregnate #tidal wave #birthing #carpet muncher
بواسطة ironicstatement أغسطس/آب 10, 2009
When you have a massive dump and the water splashes up at your arse.
"Where were you?"
"I was having a shit"
"Did you get a tidal wave?"
#tidal #wave #shit #dingle #splash
بواسطة Faggotsbury يونيو/حَزيران 7, 2009
When a chick is riding a fat guy's cock and his belly starts to jiggle like a wave, the girl leans forward and proceeds to ride the "wave" his belly makes.
Aubrie told us last night she was riding Andy's cock when she started to do the tidal wave on his fat gut.
#tidal wave #sex #fucking #fat #gut #cock #riding cock
بواسطة Jeff Briggs إبريل/نَيْسان 15, 2009
when a woman's thong is visible over the back of her pants
dude i just saw a huge tidal wave at the mall, i got a pic of it.
#tidal wave #butt #booty #thong #overflow
بواسطة Kaezic Adam مارس/آذَار 16, 2008
A tidal wave is the fat roll that goes up the back of a woman during sexuall intercourse from behind, on some occasions it may hit them on the back of the head this is know as the ultimate tidal wave.
i was giving it to mandy dogy style last night n she hade a tidal wave it nearly went ultimate.
#fat #sex #doggy style #intercourse #fsexual
بواسطة richard1000 مايو/أيار 18, 2007
A feeling of intense hunger that rushes over you like all of Ethiopia condensed into a massive tidal wave.
Dude, I just got tidal waved, want to go to Wendy's?
#hunger #tidal-wave #satiated #wendy's #delcious
بواسطة Debaser II نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 24, 2005
when one has sex with a whale be it a human or sea dweller
i was blasting tidal waves all night!!!

dougie and his boyfriend were making tidal waves so big, that he almost drowned the entire eastern united states.
بواسطة Nick varas ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 21, 2004
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