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to give a handjob think about it
erin tickled my pickle for a nickel
بواسطة bud مارس 30, 2005
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A saying used to describe when a women "tickles" a man's penis.
Dude, do you think Jessica would tickle my pickle?!
بواسطة Evbrez يناير 20, 2007
Metaphor for cheering someone up.
Hey, can you tickle my pickle? I'm feeling down today
بواسطة iEx Shinzai نوفمبر 30, 2014
Something that excites you, platonically.
A: The circus is coming in to town.

B: Oo, that doesn't half tickle my pickle!
بواسطة lobsterfish اكتوبر 23, 2012

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