shut the fuck up
OMG. Youre getting on my nerves ! STFU!
بواسطة valueablesource نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 3, 2014
Another way of saying "shut the fuck up." It's used in fights a lot.
Troll: lol u suck balls fuck u
Person: stfu
بواسطة A Unknown Guy. يوليو/تمُّوز 11, 2013
Suit The Fuck Up Sunday
Kevin started STFUS. I think I'm going to start. It's the classy thing to do.

Dave said we're poor if we don't STFUS.
بواسطة TiffanyLynnd مارس/آذَار 25, 2012
What Gerard Way Needs to do.
Steve really needs to STFU
بواسطة Katzy سبتمبر/أيلول 12, 2005
Shut The Fuck Up Commonly Used Online Or In Games Online
"Dude that's annoying as hell STFU"
بواسطة Tha Blasta مايو/أيار 18, 2003
Set Thee Free Ulready
STFU as we live peacefully in a free country and support all of mankind in our quest for lifes better intelligence.
بواسطة loverocn يناير/كانون الثّاني 17, 2010
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