Top Definition
a clever, yet malicious comment.

a witty, snide comment.
That was such a snitty thing to say!
بواسطة whit717 مارس 26, 2013
a combination of snotty and shitty; also a synonym for snotty depending on usage
snitty snitty bang bang
بواسطة Jeminem مايو 15, 2005
Check out the snitties on that snitch!
بواسطة سبتمبر 12, 2003
An attractive young girl, aged 18-25.
Check out that snitty!
بواسطة Martzel اكتوبر 19, 2006
One who thinks of themselves as a badass sumbetch!
Manly lumber jack yettie
بواسطة Butch فبراير 2, 2005

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