A person who likes sucking big, fat, juicy dick. also used to mean that you are sucking them off, to be a kiss ass.
now more commonly used by high schoolers
person 1:first sergeant, you look handsome today.
first sergeant: thank you, ur a corpral now
Person 2: wow what a slurp
#dick sucker #peter puffer #kiss ass #cock lover #cum beggar
بواسطة Pv2. all day إبريل/نَيْسان 16, 2010
A female who bops arounds
That girl over there is a straight up slurp
#bop #slut #dirty #head #gross
بواسطة way2dope مايو/أيار 27, 2009
slurp is that good ass sleep you just cant seem to wake up from no matter what you do
that slurp got me thats why i aint hear the door
#sleep #blackout #knocked #out #gone
بواسطة يوليو/تمُّوز 5, 2013
The act of smirking and sticking out the tip of your tongue at your friend because you are in a better position than him.

i.e 1. revealing something which greatly annoys your friend but is advantageous for you, 2. your friend loses at something but you win, 3. your friend loses something which you have
dude 1: F**K I can't believe my wallet is lost! Now I can't go to the club tonight.
dude 2: Oh. :) I guess I still have my wallet and I at least one of us will have fun tonight *SLURP*

dude 1: Dammit! I got 32/50 on the test! 1 point from an A
dude 2: *SLURP* *Shows his test score: 33/50*

dude 2: Have you gotten you drivers licence yet?
dude 1: No
dude 2: *Takes our car keys and head towards his car* *SLURP*
#smirk #whoops #smile #bully #mock #laugh #provoke
بواسطة SwedishPersian فبراير/شباط 10, 2010
A slut that sucks more than one cock in a night.
That slurp sucked off the whole krew in less than 2 hours!
#slut #bitch #cum #suck #blow #skunk
بواسطة Jumbie Boy سبتمبر/أيلول 26, 2006
To smoke up heavily, usually referring to marijuana but can be used for other substances.
Hey man, slurp up on this bong
#smoke #blaze #hit #rip #toke
بواسطة Honeygramsfrog أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 9, 2010
After recieving a blow job and the male blows his load the girl splurps up the residue around the penis.
Are you going to slurp me or am i going to clean this up by myself?
#blow job #head #messy #sex #slurpy
بواسطة Scott Arnold مارس/آذَار 11, 2006
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