A surprising moment of no regret and all the excitement one could contain!
The moment you walked in to my life was nothing but sweet serendipity!
بواسطة Trikki Nikkoy مايو 25, 2015
Fate, or lucky coincidence.
Its serendipity that we are both in New York.
بواسطة dougie dubb اغسطس 10, 2015
How posers keep it real
that guy had serendipity!
بواسطة Dee Jay "keepin' it reel" يونيو 18, 2011
a form of luck that, in the first place, may not seem like luck at all.
it was serendipity when I met my husband after I accidentally ran into him in the bank.
بواسطة autumnflower95 يناير 15, 2016

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