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Saucing is when you cum all over a female. Whether it's on her back side, tummy, face or if it's really serious and she doesn't want to waste the "Sauce" then she'll hoover it in the mouth.
Ooooh man it's been a long weekend! I was "saucing" all over the place.
بواسطة Manaseh يوليو 13, 2005
40 22
to pour beer into ones asshole and gently sip it from the anal area.
i caught him and his cell mate saucing.
بواسطة anus master2000 يونيو 3, 2003
18 27
to be bleeding out of one's vagina
Oh boy, I am going to need a enormous tampon because I am saucing a lot today.
بواسطة grossaye مايو 16, 2005
11 31