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A tv show on MTV, that casts 7 people to live together on an RV and travel around the world and compete to win money and other prizes.
بواسطة indi يوليو 29, 2003
2 2
a show on mtv that only keeps straight gangsters
yo did you see that road rules bitch she was hot.
بواسطة holla يوليو 12, 2003
4 3
Rules of the Road.
Red means go.
Green means fly off with a giant moustache with wings.
Do not kill others with your vehicle.
These are the road rules.
بواسطة Enter your name here اغسطس 2, 2003
4 4
A show about a bunch of dumbasses traveling to places they have no idea about on MTV.
Road Rule sucks and it should be cancelled.
بواسطة Jason اغسطس 1, 2003
3 3
Shitty show on MTV
"Dude, did you see road rules?"

"No, I didn't dude. Faggots watch road rules!"
بواسطة nigga يوليو 27, 2003
3 3
The implied etiquette of driving one is expected to adhere to.
Man, that guy can't drive! He doesn't even know his basic road rules!
بواسطة Toraton يوليو 27, 2003
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Rules on the road that are made 2 be broken
No more road rules!!!!
بواسطة anonymous يوليو 26, 2003
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