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Pittsburghese for "clean up".
"Hey yinz guys, I have to red up the house before heading dahntahn."
بواسطة SnaggPDX ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 7, 2004
to tidy, clean up; from Scots
"you coming out?"
"aye, but I have to red up in here first"
بواسطة mcjo أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 14, 2007
I'm from Western Pennsyvania and when you redup your house its cleaning up or organizing it.
Yinz are havin people over better redup the house. Or we are all redin up the house.
بواسطة Western Pa, Butler-ite ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 22, 2010
Red Up (Adj)
Used to describe some one who has been smoking cannabis and is higher than high but not so far as to be deffin. It is the kind of high as to have the munchies but end up being easily distracted, as shown in the Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle movie.
I was red up in ASDA buying some food... and then I bought Cool Runnings instead.
بواسطة EricElectric فبراير/شباط 20, 2010
To make bleed in an act of violence
I'm gonna Red Up that fool if he doesn't stop commin around here.
بواسطة KG-Man نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 3, 2009
Clear the dishes.
Whose turn is it to red up the dishes tonight?
بواسطة Midied سبتمبر/أيلول 18, 2016
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