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A tactic used by law enforcement officers and government agencies to apprehend, obtain warrants, and indict people of ALL races based on demographics of tendencies to break the law in different regions of the United states.
Racial profiling keeps my white ass safe! Its not racist if your a law abiding citizen.
بواسطة Raggle نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 22, 2004
The new phenomenon brought on by certain minorities that suggests that the only reason they are suspected for crimes and are arrested is because they are that minority. As if the true crime rate is just SO different than the arresting statistics.
Basically a reason to label innocent white folk who are trying to catch criminals, "Racist"
A: The only reason Black or Latino people get arrested is because of Racial Profiling.
B: Yeah I know! A Black person would NEVER even CONSIDER killing anyone at all. Also, white folks never get arrested for anything! It is quite unjust.
بواسطة YM يناير/كانون الثّاني 28, 2005
If most crimes in an area are committed by black males aged 14-25, unsurprisingly the police will stop and search more of that group than any other. However, some liberals and "community leaders" (i.e. self-appointed trouble-makers) deem this racist.
All the recent terrorist attacks were made by young arab males, but lets stop and search some white middle-aged women, so we are not called racists.
بواسطة fubarderby يناير/كانون الثّاني 30, 2005
is used to describe any action, by an individual or institution, that singles out minorities for unfavorable, discriminatory treatment.
DWB driving while black: driving while brown; FWA: flying while Arab
بواسطة Nicole مارس/آذَار 12, 2005
bullshit we r the hate and the evil u gave us! Did u know a coloured person is 10 times more likely 2 be searched by a policeman. --- so why do u think they have the most recorded crimes. White mans world! they can control everything that goes down!
brotha 1: why is there point in racial profiling, we r all human and should be classed not by our colour, skin dont mean nothin, its about how warm your heart is.
brotha 2: They have given us 2 much hate I think we should be violent and blow up in their face. There is no such thing as a non violent revolution
brotha 1: what do u mean they. We all brothas
brotha 2 :We different, in Amerikkka we get treted different so we should act different and bust back to society!
بواسطة waqar مايو/أيار 15, 2004
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