Also see: Scene Kids
1.) Someone who tries to be something that they are not

2.)Teenage boys (usually white or asian) who have Justin Bieber-style or closely shorn hair or fauxhawks, wear designer super-skinny jeans, designer skate shoes, and "vintage"-style shirts showcasing bands that they do not know about nor give a shit about (just trying to look cool). Usually seen trying to poser-jerk to shitty mainstream rap or hanging with their scene cunts, trying to look "gangsta".
Seen usually in rich, white areas.
Regular dude: (sees poser wearing crisp Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt) Dude, do you even know what Wu-Tang Clan is?

Poser: (in fake gangsta drawl) Fuck you, faggot! They're a band. (gives scene cunt a lecherous stare and pulls his skinny jeans down some more)
بواسطة RENEGADE_OF_PUNKK ابريل 20, 2010
someone who tries to be something they aren't.
Mary, Nettie, Lorraine, and Lizette try so hard to make everyone believe that they are into the Rockabilly scene when in fact they are just pathetic posers.
بواسطة PREMIUM ROAST ابريل 28, 2008
To pose: To pretend, to be somebody you're not, to be part of a culture or genre just to fit in.
Don't be such a Thomas, you only listen to Metal because all of your "friends" do, you big poser!

بواسطة MechaniX مارس 10, 2008
Someone who dresses, acts, talks, etc. a certain way to 'fit in'; unoriginal; conformist.
Justin is so annoying. Last year he was always fully decked out in Abercrombie, but now he's started wearing skinny pants, raves about going to local gigs, suddenly loves underoath, and he just went and dyed his hair black. What a poser.
بواسطة Tally Y. يناير 10, 2008
A label that haters will call you when they don't want to admit that you're cooler then them.
Look at that poser over there wearing skate clothes and acting all cool. Why can't he just be himself?
بواسطة UrbanPrick فبراير 19, 2011
A person who calls someone a "poser" when the word that they really mean to use, but are to much of a poseur to realize, is "poseur".
So, I came across these guys online today that where totally thinking they were all punk. I was like, "Have you even heard of the Ramones? Because I'm pretty familiar with their music!" They didn't know what I was talking about!!!! :-o Wow, these guys where SUCH a bunch of posers!
بواسطة markdinaz مايو 31, 2010
An overused word by insecure little teenagers.
Teen 1: You're such a poser for listening to Fallout Boy.
Teen 2: You're just an insecure asshole who has nothing better to do than put people down because you're scared of what will happen to you in the future.
Teen 1: What?
بواسطة Dylki Maloc يوليو 10, 2008

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