See wordtacit/tacit.
"Bettie Boo hoovering? Right, I'm just off for a...piss"
بواسطة Anonymous يناير 30, 2003
apple juice
man im thirsty, i think ill get myself some piss
بواسطة Brian نوفمبر 12, 2003
To urinate
that yellow stuff that comes out your dick/vagina
"I wanna piss on you" R. Kelly

"I made that fool drink piss" Man on GTA

That was a piss-poor "1" you forged there

He had to take a piss test for cocaine.
بواسطة Your father يناير 14, 2005
yellow water
I have to spray yellow water.
بواسطة fuck off مايو 23, 2003
A bad swear word. It is number 3 in the list of 13 swear words.
Can't you see I've got a pissing here?
بواسطة Daniel DeCosta يناير 3, 2004
Penetrate, Inject, Spit, Suck.
A spider must PISS to eat.
بواسطة Ian Line ديسمبر 12, 2003
noun: luck
That shot was total piss.
بواسطة Alfanug ابريل 1, 2004

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