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the best kind of looking girl out there in the world
Damn i need a pinay in my life not some skinny ass white girl.
بواسطة moneyz اكتوبر 30, 2003
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Slang for Filipino female.
Go, Pinay!
بواسطة MoonKnight نوفمبر 29, 2002
a strong, beautiful, respected and empowered Pilipina woman who doesnt allow herself to be commodified, marginalized or objectified by anyone...a woman who will kick anyones as who calls her a bitch.
بواسطة applenvinegar فبراير 5, 2003
The smartest, hottest, down to earth asian girls out there.
Pinays are everything in one package!
بواسطة Andrizz1e ديسمبر 30, 2005
slang for filipino female...see pinoy
she is a pinay.
بواسطة myREEZ ابريل 16, 2003
a fine filipino girl that is smart and intelligent. and most likely is a nurse when they will grow up
I am a PINAY!!
بواسطة moneyz ديسمبر 26, 2003
the hottest asian female breed. They are shrewd chameleons who can do whatever they want and flexible enough to adapt to different cultures and nationalities. Most are clever so they excel in school but they become strict parents.
john "Josef dumped his italian chick."
john2 "He is pursuing a hot pinay he met at a party!"
بواسطة viajera اغسطس 21, 2008

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