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a bitch who look so delicious she fit fo any nigga; hence the term..niggalicious
Yo that bitch look so damn niggalicious id do her out back!
بواسطة Rastafari أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 21, 2004
Compliments the taste of a food, while also implying that a black person would have enjoyed it as well.

Moseph: That be some niggalicious watermelon!


Gabigail: That pizza was niggalicious!

Nedward: Well of course, it was a nigga lover's choice!
#black people #watermelon #fried chicken #nigga lovers choice #nigga #nigger
بواسطة Urbangeek3.9 يناير/كانون الثّاني 25, 2014
someone that takes on all of the stereo-types of a ghetto-dwelling black person.

aka Licious.
Me: "dat f00 got 20s on his 1984 buick regal bumpin 50cent"
You: "yea he's pretty niggalicious"
#nigga #niggalicious #black #ghetto #fittycent #licious #dubz
بواسطة EvilSandwich إبريل/نَيْسان 25, 2007
being one damn fine nigga.
Man, you so Niggalicious!
#nigga #stank #krunk #funk #bunk
بواسطة Kraka Bockz مارس/آذَار 18, 2009
When something tastes and/or smells of excessive amounts of chicken grease.
Leroy; 'Damn, son. Just fuckin' all up in Shequeeshakera's pussy, my nigga!'

Tyrone; 'Fuck, ma nigga G! Dat nasty a hoe be niggalicious, son.'

Leroy; 'Word.'
#nigga #vietnamese lottery #nigged #white pride #jiggaboo #porch monkey #monkey
بواسطة Da Real Nigga G ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 19, 2014
When you see a hot hunk of black booty and you decide that you want to taste that good good.
Damn nigga, you see Shakisha over dere right quick?

Yee nigga, I call dibs on that hot hunk of ass.

Fuck u nigga, that ass is niggalicious.
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بواسطة Silver's Schlepp إبريل/نَيْسان 6, 2016
adj. - Any object, consumer item, idea, or concept that is both lacking in taste and is considered desirable/fashionable to a black (or Puerto Rican or Dominican) person.
The rims on that Honda Civic are not factory OEM rims. They are aftermarket niggalicious rims.
#nigger #ghetto #tacky #bootleg #ghettofabulous
بواسطة al-canister فبراير/شباط 26, 2009
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