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Someone who spends all their time on the computer surfing the net or playing games. Similar to couch potato.
You spent seven hours on the internet creating meanings for words on urban dictionary? Wow, You're such a mouse potato
بواسطة el يناير/كانون الثّاني 7, 2005
the on-line generation's answer to the couch potato
بواسطة jeska سبتمبر/أيلول 7, 2003
Someone who often allows a small electronic device, a computer mouse, to substitute for interaction with the real world.
My friend seldom bothers to answer his phone any more...too much effort, he says...he's turned into a real mouse potato with his like-minded Twitter and Facebook friends..
#couch potato #cyberia #netizen #networking #gamers
بواسطة colonelmars أغسطس/آب 11, 2009
One who sits in front of a computer every day, all day long, and weekends, too. A mousepotato is similar to but NOT a couch potato. He or she uses a mouse to navigate or control actions on a computer; however, this definition does not extend to using a computer to play games. A mousepotato is strictly defined as one who is dedicated to using a computer for the purposes of doing business online and excessively so.
My online business requires me to be a mousepotato.
#mouse potato #mousepotato #computer #mouse pad #graphics #business
بواسطة Anderson Boyer نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 26, 2006
A mouse whos mother slept with a patato
Mums a mouse dads a potato baby = mouse potato
#slut #potato #sex #mouse #hehe
بواسطة Suckmypotato أغسطس/آب 3, 2008
Similar to mouse potato, except the mouse potato has moved to the computer, where he/she will spend the next 5+ hours.
The mouse potato locked himself in a dark room with only his computer to keep him company, and didn't come out for 2 days.
بواسطة Turnspike فبراير/شباط 9, 2003
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