The word ´Lebs´ refers to a group of lebanese people, usually men in australia. Lebs are often outgoing,ruthless and enjoy starting a fight with anybody who looks at them. Moments before this fight , a leb would start yelling ´what´ several times. Known to roam in large packs, lebs dominate corner milk-bars, popular shopping centres and some popular streets or avenues with good shade and access to perve on chicks who all, no doubt ´want them´. Lebs are the closest things you will get in australia to gagnsters as they are very feared, especially by pimply skinny ozzie kids. A night out on the town for Lebs consists of 12 of them to fitting into a car,usually a wrx or skyline, drive around the streets yelling stuff and start a fight with anybody who talks back to them...usually overconfident ozzies who end up in hospital. The night is usually ended up at a known street whore area (in melbourne its st kildea) where they further harass hookers for a good laugh. pleas note that what most lebs laugh at only funnt to them
leb-(hanging out his car window)- what are you looking at? did i say you can look at me?
ozzie-(turns around and notices a car full of lebs)what? are you talking to me? please leave me alone!
leb-pull over wleh hes getting smart ey, and call hamza and tell him to bring baseball bats
بواسطة rawTruth يناير/كانون الثّاني 14, 2007
Short for "Lebanese", used casually among Lebanese to refer to each other, or by white Australian bigots as some sortof derogatory. Lebs are either Arab or Armenian (5% only), and many Palestinian refugees also fled to Lebanon. The language is a hybrid of Syrian Arabic and French, and to a lesser extent English, Portugese, Greek, Turkish, and Armenian. Lebs are famous for their food, their festivals (ussually around Churches or Mosques), and have a somewhat deserved reputation for being loud, somewhat crazy, and clannish. Lebanon suffered a brutal 15-year civil war which made us over-protective and sometimes paranoid, and our mountain roads make us the world's best drivers. Lebs are a huge mix of religeions; Greek Orthodox/Catholic, Maronite Christian, Sunni/Shi'a Muslim, Druze, and Armenian Christian and the civil war was largely fought along sectarian lines. Huge Leb communites exist in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, France, North America and all over Europe.
crazy dad-who is this, what you want to do with my daughter?
normal leb girl- relax baba, he's a Leb
بواسطة tuma ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 30, 2005
A Leb, is a shortened word for a person of Lebanese descent in any new world countrry, especially South Africa, Brazil and Canada. A very prosperous people, Lebs around the world left Lebanon in diaspora, to escape Arab-Muslim tyrani. Lebs around the world, as opposed to those in Lebanon, 95% Christian (chiefly Catholic or Maronite as they're known) and are of Pheonician, Hebrew or Aramaic liniage. Lebanese were forced to speak Arabic as a result of oppression, but many around the world recognize French, English and Aramaic as thier spoken language. Aramaic Lebs were in and around Lebanon thousands of years before Arabs ever near the middle east. It was in the civli war in the 80's that Leb made thier way to greener pastures in South Africa, Canada and Brazil as these were well Catholic and accepting of thier culture.
Tony: "Hey howzit my khay?"
Mikey: "Howzit cuz, who's this lovely lady? Is she Leb?"
Tony "Ja cuzzie, she's a Leb and a half!"
بواسطة Christopher Le Michael-Steinbach أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 18, 2006
short for lebanese, usually refers to Australian lebanese primarily in Sydney, Alot of Anglos label lebs as racist, scum, so on, yet it is them who first came to this country and slaughtered thousands of Native aboriginals, who had been living in this country for years before. They call themself patriots yet they are the biggest mob of racist pigs in Australia. eg is cronulla riots, where thousands of them tured up for a 'peaceful protest', they all got drunk of their heads which is the only tradition or custom they have, and ganged up on any ethnic person they could find leb or not. Lebs are often accused of going around in gangs, but this is misunderstood, They are a proud race who do not back down, they support each other no matter what, they do not take bonds lightly, eg if your family is in trouble, you protect them, its natural instinct, but because other people eg Anglos, are too scared and weak to back up the people they know, Lebs get blamed for being too aggresive. Of course there are some lebs who are plain dickheads, as with any group, this happens, but the stereotype that has been labelled 'leb' is one that is fueled by ignorance, and media looking for a cheap headline.
typical sunday night for lebs: having a family bbq and eiher chatting with family/friends around an argeelah(hubbly bubbly), or taking their cars which have been modified for casual cruises and meeting others in the scene.

ANGLO night: getting together with a group of mates, either going to a pub where you get so pissed you end up attacking someone, or, (more often and cheaper) staying at home with mates and getting drunk with bulk buy beer and also giving it to children for a laugh.
بواسطة Me No lie يوليو/تمُّوز 10, 2008
Leader of the Island Nations, Leb is a very cunning and striking personality. His presence is usually shrouded in mystery, and inquiring minds want to know if he is what they say, a "hawt guy". If he catches you ending your sentences without the exclusive "Arrrr!" he will unhinge his wooden peg leg and beat you with it. May or may not be related to Lezard Valeth, or that guy's best friend (whom he resembles quite a bit.
"We've had several of these topics already."

"Sorry, but we try to keep the racial/ethnic/national divides to a minimum here."

"You guys seem to misunderstand the point of the topic."

"Anyway, there's plenty of talk about the subject elsewhere."

-The result of Leb fulfilling his duty to online society.

"Ahahaha, you may call me... SON OF SNOWE!"
بواسطة Blue Lady مايو/أيار 21, 2006
Type of mild hashish.
head 1: Gotta any good strong resin?
head 2: Nah, i've only got some Leb.
بواسطة toastface يوليو/تمُّوز 29, 2005
Leb, proper noun.

Lebanese people are Lebs. The ones from north Lebanon are Christian, the ones from south Lebanon are Muslim. The ones from the north immigrate primarily to the West coast of north America. The ones from south Lebanon immigrate primarily to Brazil and Australia. (Sydney area) They were pretty much the inventors of smoking anything. The following things are reasons that Lebs are good: hashish Arguileh riots
Those Lebs make good food. And their girls are hot.
بواسطة nowyouknowgood ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 29, 2005
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