One who's extreme incompetence makes you wonder how they are still breathing.
In a chatroom...

Guy 1: obama shuts down the navy

Me: .... What kind of mind numbing shit is fed to you daily?
Seriously, there's no shortage of idiots.. ever.
بواسطة ertfyd سبتمبر 28, 2011
An apple user.
iPod- apple mp3 player

iPad- apple tablet

iPhone- apple phone

iDiot- apple users
بواسطة L33DS سبتمبر 13, 2011
an acronym for you
you are an idiot
بواسطة buoyancy اغسطس 14, 2011
someone who yells before thinking about what they yell.
Joe is an idiot because he yelled at that cop.
بواسطة samlad nyltak يوليو 16, 2011
San Jose Sharks
The San Jose sharks are idiots!
بواسطة Joe-V the greatest مايو 22, 2011
consists of the prefix "nick" usually involving suffixes such as "starks" and "sherrill". tends to do stupid things. isn't familiar with the words "brain" "heart" or "noggin"
karma comes to one who is an "idiot".
بواسطة s0megurl مايو 16, 2011
a douche bag, complete retard, jerk, ect
"you have a small penis"
بواسطة uneducated lemon ابريل 29, 2011

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