has a deformed penis usually the shape of a lollipop also lies about everything in order to compensate for lack of bed skills or skills of any varity. also is easy to see through. usually people will feel sorry for said ian and go along with his lies for pitties sake

tiny (mind and body)
kinda reject
intelsley annoying
sad or pathetic
#wanker #arrogant #sad #pathetic #tiny
بواسطة haha exactly مايو/أيار 26, 2010
fag, plays xbox and runescape at the same time. usually treats women bad, and sucks at sports. small cock. usually short and annoying.
did you see that ian?" "he sucks at everything
#fag #annoying #short #nerdy #small cock
بواسطة jackson hilimiphilabobilack يونيو/حَزيران 10, 2010
Adjective: stuttering, awkward control freak.
someone who can sit in a room for extended periods of time amongst friends and family and say nothing, only laughing nervously and talking about everything from his perspective!
"I wish this ian would bring somthing to the conversation" "he, he, he.

Ian - "It's all done to me,I'm not responsible for anything"
#looser #victim #control #freak #ian
بواسطة oldblihqegobveit إبريل/نَيْسان 10, 2009
A guy who fucks his dog
Ian Lavriere from castlegar bc
#ian #castlegar #bc #shss #gay
بواسطة tommy chee سبتمبر/أيلول 20, 2009
A Girl with Goldy lock hair.
Smelly Horse!
hey look at the IAN in the trash can.
#ian #girl #fiona #aka #goldy locks
بواسطة Eleanora إبريل/نَيْسان 1, 2009
A name used for a game freak and or dungeons and Dragons player. Who is typically addicted to games such as W.O.W and seems to love those real time roleplaying games. A nice guy who is an awesome friend but who needs to be corrupted a bit more not to mention get back in his opposite hall's halo games.
Man that Ian always in playing his games. He's never going to hang with us unless we download W.O.W.
#antonyms #brian shortt #justin short #pearson hill #lee sturtevant #and benjamin clements
بواسطة S.A.L.S. يناير/كانون الثّاني 19, 2006
A term used to mean "see!" in a told you so manner. Usually said in a high pitched voice with intonation. Generally used when something happens that you knew would happen,something typical and often negative- you can then yell "Ian", "Oh Ian, obviously" , "Wiggins","Witchcraft","Waldo"
If your selfish friend steals a large handful of crisps, you can say "Ian!", or if a new band become popular and they all wear trilbies and have curly/long hair and sing in weird voices and wear skinny jeans and pointy shoes or pumps you can say "Ian".
#ian #typical #obvious #wiggins #wendle
بواسطة Nancy1090 مايو/أيار 24, 2008
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