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When a girl wants a guy to fuck her.
Damn boy you can come over and hit me up tonight.

Girl he's so cute, he can hit me up anytime... fo real.

I need a real nicca to hit me up!

I want to be hit up by the right guy this time.
بواسطة Kietee025 يونيو 25, 2006
118 455
-a way of getting connections
-to demand for something
-to call
"You got a bag you can hit me up with?"
"Hit me up with that shit."
"Hit me up later tonite."
بواسطة Nicole فبراير 16, 2004
776 184
To give someone a phone call, page, instant message, email, any form of communication
Just hit me up on my celly, I'll pick up right away.
بواسطة LoveInABottle يناير 29, 2004
499 137
Give me a call, HOLLA
ill be at the crib at 7 tonight hit me up boy,aight!
بواسطة LiL Neice ابريل 7, 2003
561 218
...is telling somebody to call/text or contact you when parting ways
Jt: "damn... dude im flyin, that was some good bud"
Me: "i kno man its some killer, if you need some Hit me Up"
Jt: "yup"
بواسطة iNate اكتوبر 3, 2009
197 114
Not literally meaning to hit something, but a form of comunication to talk to someone later. Also when your in a rush and you want to end a conversation with a friend for example you can say "aight ill hit me up"
"ay bro hit me up later when you get a chance i gotta talk to you."
بواسطة Momo S اكتوبر 12, 2009
139 113
(verb) a phrase used exclusively by tools and douches to (ineffectually) entice others to get in touch.
Douche: Word bro, hit me up later.
You: *pass*

Tool: Yo, hit me up if you guys are going to party tonight, cool?
You: *pass*

Idiot: Hit me up when you get in town. Let's go pick up chicks.
You: *pass*
بواسطة wronghandle2 اكتوبر 29, 2013
20 22