an expression used by the people who are expressin shock or excitement
'he went for a shady one'
بواسطة buttfuck160792 اغسطس 12, 2008
Top Definition
from farsi: a piece of shit
Nima Amini's breath smells like goh.
بواسطة shannon goherty اكتوبر 6, 2006
A response to an action, phrase, or joke that was extremely lame.
Charlie: "That omelet was sp-egg-tacular!"

Cameron: "Goh......"
بواسطة SOADFAN1010 ديسمبر 15, 2009
The sound of someone dying brutally.
*Bob shoots Jimmy*
Jimmy 'GOHHHHHHHH!!!!11'
بواسطة Jiganig يونيو 8, 2009

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