An excessively large, let alone loud exaust on a car, mainly on the so called "rice burners", "ricers" etc. Apparently they figure that the louder one's car sounds, the faster. Also needs a minimum diameter of 6'' or 7''. In the end, as a result, these cars sound like beavers passing gas in the mud.
When I was walking down the street the other day, I heard this ungodly noise, so I turned around to see this "souped" up Import car coming by, and of course, fitted with an extra loud fart cannon. I could only laugh... I always say "Flat 6 internal combustion, accept no substitute. Only by Porsche."
بواسطة PORSCHE NUT مايو/أيار 18, 2010
The act of farting mid-shit and literally shooting it out of your ass.
I farted mid-shit and it shot in the toilet. My butt is a fart cannon.

Alex has a powerful fart cannon. He broke the toilet last Tuesday.
بواسطة fartsniffer24 أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 15, 2014
japanese car with an aftermarket exhaust thats just too damn big for the 78 hp pos civic that it's on. The result is an even shittier honda that not only looks like a pos but also sounds like an actual shart. People (i.e. Retards) do this in an effort to join the import community but instead end up in the ricer community. As a newly adopted ricer, they will rev the fuck out out of their golf cart engine "vtech" at every intersection and floor it once the light hits green if theyre next to a mustang. After the ricer loses to the guy in the mustang (or any other car for that matter) who wasnt even aware in the first place that he was racing and won, the ricer will try to hit up a consversation and ask about the driver's upgrades and how his fart cannon added 50 or even a hundred hp because it sounds louder. Ricers also drive like assholes and cut people off because they think they're racing at every single moment.
Ricer: "bro i just bought a new exhaust."
Dude: "you just bought a fart cannon and now your car sounds like liquid ass for everyone in the neighborhood to hear."
Ricer: "yeah, but now my car goes super fast."
Dude: "no it doesn't, if anything it goes slower."
Ricer: "well now im in the import community and im officially a street racer like paul walker in tokyo drift."
Dude: "no you are not. You're in a group of ricers who cause accidents on the open street. You're in a group of retarded assholes. Why tf am i friends with you."

See also ricer
بواسطة Mouth Full of Awesome يوليو/تمُّوز 12, 2016
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