Something that is awesome. Has nothing to do with not being real.
I went to a party last night and met these two chicks. I took them both home and fucked them hard. IT WAS FAKE!
بواسطة BS19761976 مارس 6, 2008
"Not" or "don't." The insertion of "fake" in a sentence reverses the meaning of the sentence. Can be used like "not" as in Wayne's World.
I fake remember that.
Yeah, that's a good idea...fake.
بواسطة مايو 12, 2004
someone or something that is not what it seems ; a poser ; a fraud
something: a veggie burger..its not meat damnit
someone: avril lavigne....shes not punk fucking a.
بواسطة Flemthrower يونيو 19, 2003
fake- Unreal
Not normal
Mace Davis
Those cards are fake
بواسطة Mr.X مارس 27, 2004
bitc#es like you who have to look up this word.
بواسطة JARIELYS ديسمبر 8, 2008
Most often the singer in a bands personality.
If you kown any singers, you'll know the example.
بواسطة Mysterious G اكتوبر 21, 2003
2 stand sum1 up
i waited 4 twenty minutes, i thot u faked on me.
بواسطة YoungCali اغسطس 27, 2003

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