An elephant butt hair.
Bob was licking the dude, and he enjoyed it, mmmmm, dude.
بواسطة Bob's Sausage يونيو/حَزيران 8, 2004
The white community's equivalent of "homey."
See "surfer."
بواسطة Homey 12 مارس/آذَار 26, 2004
1. literally, a "dick"

2. calling someone or something a "dick"

Look at that mangled and bloody dude.


Hey check out that frat boy. What a dude!
بواسطة napus antipas مارس/آذَار 3, 2004
A scottish asian man often sporting a large head of hair and some sort of facial hair.
Dude, I do not want to drink Thai Whiskey in the morning.
بواسطة zing سبتمبر/أيلول 5, 2003
its like dude im guna chill; us skaters use it when skatin
Dude i snapped my board
بواسطة Skater مايو/أيار 12, 2003
An infected Hair on an Elephants Ass
OMG!!! Look at that Nasty Dude.. its Pussing.
بواسطة Spanish lynx مارس/آذَار 9, 2008
a Dude is an infected hair on an elephant's butt.
Look at that dude, it's all green.
بواسطة tis thou نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 26, 2006
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