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Kharaa form of dancing.
Exclamation when three hives have been made.
"Now we donce"
بواسطة KEm1KaL يوليو 28, 2003
To dance crazily in a hilarious fashion
* GeneralHessinger donces
بواسطة shellcase سبتمبر 5, 2004
Doncing: verb; to celebrate with wild abandon. Similar to dancing, except in the fact that it's totally more intense.
I achieved victory over my enemies, and donced the night away! Three people suffered injuries in the process...
بواسطة PullingTheTrigger اكتوبر 19, 2013
To dance with not a lot of emotion...
/me donces roflrofl
بواسطة Bishop مايو 28, 2003

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