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A way to refer to a cute person that you care about.
"Your my Cuppycake" <3
#cute #care #like #loveable #dorky
بواسطة RinnyD أغسطس/آب 24, 2006
Designed in 1994 with chocolate icing layed in waves and curls. It's cup is decorated with hipster motives and it's insides is filled with joy and gayness and cuteness and rainbows and unicorns.
"Who is a cuppycake?"

"Harry Styles"
#harry styles #one direction #harry #cupcake #cake #sweet #awesome #1000%done
بواسطة northeastdirection أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 1, 2012
A malicious whore on Xbox Live that goes around seducing small children with a siren like voice with the hopes of corrupting their minds, destroying friendships, and boosting her ego. She acts innocent only to cover up her own track record so that she may impose her ways on your children parents.
Small Child: Oh no its Cuppycake!
Caring gamer: Hurry! Unplug your headsets, mute her, just don't let her voice enter your ears!
#whore #siren #vixen #xbox live #gamer #hater #el diablo
بواسطة MajorMelson فبراير/شباط 6, 2010
When you cup your hand over your asshole to catch your fart so you can release it under your victims nose to ensure their full enjoyment.

Can also be thrown or blown at a person.
my husband was driving along and I saw him grab a cuppy cake. I was dodging and trying to get away but the grubby bastard blew it at me!!!
#fart #fart cake #flatulent #bastard #grubby
بواسطة jimsweirdnakedindianfriend نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 30, 2009
A bad thing. Negative term. Simillar in use to unfair or foolish.
That's just cuppycakes, yo!
بواسطة Kris Petersen يوليو/تمُّوز 26, 2004
The best Human Paladin on the Elune (US) server. QT pie, too.
Did you see that? Cuppycake's Flash of Light crit healed me for 1000!
#cute #cutie #paladin #awesome #sweet
بواسطة TEH BESTT يوليو/تمُّوز 29, 2006
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