currency, money
"I'd invest in those stocks, but I lost all my cheddar in Las Vegas."
بواسطة derecki اكتوبر 3, 2008
Another word for 'Cheers' because it sounds like it and it's like all the rage nowadays.
'Here's your CD'

بواسطة gobleosbls نوفمبر 23, 2011
Slang term for Marijuana near the Pennsylvania and Ohio border.
Somebody go buy the Cheddar for the party tonight.
Roll that Cheddar up.
بواسطة bigronniloc يونيو 13, 2009
a hockey slang for shooting top shelf. (the top of the goal)
dude that guy can snipe cheddar all night.
بواسطة Stef dog يوليو 16, 2006
A replacement for the word mate.
Hows it going cheddar
بواسطة philio_spesh_4 يونيو 24, 2009
a term used in baseball when a pitcher is throwing hard.
Damn this kid is pumpin cheddar!
بواسطة geiga يناير 28, 2009
Someone with intensely bright red/orange hair usually accompanied by lack of skin pigment, general soullessness and other such classic attributes.
He's not a ginger man, he's a cheddar.
بواسطة Beelzemuff اغسطس 31, 2012

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