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a girl that is good in all aspects. a straight bad broad . classy but can get nasty

she walks like a model

great kisser atitude on point

from the hood but talks proper. Sex Game amazing

shes not nagging and respects a guy and give him space when necessary eases a nigga mind

basically a hood/real nigga dream come true

Dam Shawty Do You want to be my bussit baby.
#sexy #respected #classy #intelligent #real
بواسطة D-Green مايو/أيار 7, 2008
A female who is capable of female ejaculation.
" I like them buss it baby (babies)." -Plies
#female ejaculation #squirters #orgasms #plies #cum
بواسطة Shaelynn ديسمبر/كانون الأَوّل 13, 2007
A female who ejaculates and produces a lot of fluid secreted by the female homologue, commonly mistaken for urine, it has been found out that it is actually closely related to a males pre cum. it is usually done by reaching the "G-spot" and it rushes out and is sticky
She my Buss it baby she messes up all my bed sets
#plies #squirting #orgasm #ejaculation #urine
بواسطة Mr. Handy Man مايو/أيار 9, 2008
thats a girl whose there no matter what and got what it takes to make u come back
she got that balm thats my buss it baby
#baby #down ass #balm #booty call #good
بواسطة dat mean ma مايو/أيار 17, 2008
1. a hoe

2. any girl u can take back ta ya trap an everyone can get off

3. a girl u an more than 2 of ya niggaz got off on
"why u call her a bussit baby?"

"cuz everyone can bust it baby!"
#bust #bussit #bust it #bussit baby #bust it baby #hoe #skeezer #slut #train #whore
بواسطة Kirbym مايو/أيار 6, 2007
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