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bumpin gums is talking shit about someone
man i heard you were bumpin gums you need to quit that shit
بواسطة brad paul اكتوبر 15, 2005
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A blowjob.
She's got that mouth that makes me wanna be bumpin gums if you know what I mean.
بواسطة Youredoingitwrong نوفمبر 14, 2013
She and that dude been bumpin' gums over at the likker store.
بواسطة irehs فبراير 17, 2009
Chopin it up. Discussin' a lil sumpin sumpin.
Me and her were bumpin' gums bout dat new ride dat boy got.
بواسطة TXNinSingapore فبراير 17, 2009

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