Big Ol' Gal - A southern expression describing a large girl.
The BOG's were out at Walmart today.
بواسطة poppa jayroe أغسطس/آب 16, 2010
the state of complete exhaustion and exertion due to extreme physical activity; bogging (verb)
"Ho brah, I was bogging the other day when I had for run three miles."

"I am going to bog if I have to play the whole game."

"I am so out of shape that I am going to bog very badly."
بواسطة D-rek H, Imanaks يناير/كانون الثّاني 28, 2009
weed, pot, a blunt.
"Yo I'm dyin for a bog right now"
بواسطة sexylaxer45 أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 10, 2008
To bust ass, or let a particularly "ripe one" loose.
After eating chili and hard boiled eggs for lunch, phil bogged in class and completely cleared the room.
بواسطة thatoneguywhodoesthings مارس/آذَار 2, 2007
bog is sweedish for sex
sweedish man: hey fancy some bog?
random person:Bog? WTF
بواسطة Mark williams مايو/أيار 22, 2005
To be sad or dissapointed; not happy
I am bog, I miss her
بواسطة Dre فبراير/شباط 9, 2004
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