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A {legally, at least} fully grown adult... girl {again, legally speaking}, usually referred to as 'Bex', who spends her free time sitting on the internet. Some of her favorite things to do while on the internet include watching shitty anime, such as Tokyo Mew Mew, or cartoons like My Little Pony. When she isn't watching cartoons and anime, you can most likely find Bex on deviantart, either complaining about how shitty her life is, or trolling every little 14 year old who seems to get under her skin. Most of her "online friends" ages range between the 12-15 region, many years younger than she herself is.
In addition to being a grown adult, she has her hair dyed purple and her wardrobe consists of Hot Topic's desperate clearance sales. She believes and acts like she is the shit, but whenever confronted about it will immediately take the role of the victim and send her little online friends to "troll" whoever stands in her way, since she obviously can't fight her own battles.
Overall, she doesn't seem to go very far in life and is not someone you'd like to run into.
I ran into one of BlueXCanary's fans on dA. All I got out of them was "OH EM GEE I LUV BEX SHE IS DA BEST ARTEEST N PERSON EVER I LOVE HER AMG AMG AHAHHHH ♥"

ew, stop being a bex
بواسطة Pat-The-Kitsune سبتمبر 22, 2013

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