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A female bollock-bulge.

See also fanny-clam and monkey's-chin
"Wow! Look at the bollock-bulge on that bint"

"Yeh, real beetle-bonnet on that one mate"
بواسطة Marko The Great سبتمبر 7, 2004
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the vulvic mound
can i have a look at your beetle bonnet please luv??
بواسطة kryton اغسطس 18, 2003
the large area of fanny clam shown when a chubby girls wears leggings or cycling shorts. resembles the shape of a VW Beetle Bonnet.
بواسطة smutty يوليو 29, 2009
also known as the beetle hood
i like to eat beetle hoods
بواسطة Barnaldo the Chez يناير 5, 2005

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