Another word for asshole.
Stop being such an asshat
بواسطة thebestaround69 اكتوبر 28, 2014
A term that generally used to refer to an individual who has their head permently impaled in their ass making it impossible for the to be useful in any situation.
Ryan fucking Cannon is a real asshat.
بواسطة Chaos company يوليو 16, 2014
When someone's head is so far up their ass their wearing it as a hat.
He's such an ass hat!
who? Adair? Yes, yes he is.
Adair Sugrue
بواسطة davidtennantmegatron سبتمبر 28, 2011
That which refers to Logic
That asshat Logic is a midget
بواسطة ilLOGICalFarmer سبتمبر 21, 2009
One with their head so far up their own ass it could be considered a hat.
Ron: Im the best at everything.

Me: You're a fucking asshat.
بواسطة MuffDiver01 سبتمبر 10, 2009
a legal professional; one who engages in the practices of law; an attorney; in England, a barrister; from the latin roots 'ass' and 'hat' meaning 'law' and 'yer,' respectively. Alt., less common usage, a business school student or recent graduate.
My ex-wife's asshat demanded the refrigerator in the divorce... I mean, the fucking refrigerator!!!

That corporate asshat is wearing Italian loafers, which cost more than my car.

How many asshat books can John Grisham write?
بواسطة gnumb ابريل 1, 2009
a really annoying/mean person
'you are such an asshat'
بواسطة jenna rae يونيو 4, 2005

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