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A term usually used to describe a person who is subservient in a relationship.
-see also "under the cosh"
"Where is dave?"
"he's out with his missus"
"man, that guy is under the thumb"
بواسطة king slop اغسطس 21, 2007
103 27
Used to desribe a person who obeys another persons (usually of the opposite sex) requests. They are then under said persons thumb
girl: 'can you get me a drink please'
lad gets drink
this lad is now under the thumb of the girl
بواسطة Friday1878 اغسطس 18, 2008
72 52
Being under the control of another person (usually a woman)
god, he's under the thumb
بواسطة The Thumb اكتوبر 15, 2010
24 26