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Tired, Wired and Weird. Usually a state of being after a significant period of partying.
We are going to be hella tweird after this weekend.
بواسطة myco2012 اكتوبر 8, 2011
That was weird.
Tweird man!
بواسطة Natarooski يناير 24, 2013
A kid 11 to 12 years old who is not quite a teenager who we refer to as a "TWEEN" (meaning in between child and teen). They are starting puberty which makes them "WEIRD". Thus they are a TWEIRD!
OMG my daughter is always talking about boys and she is so spacey lately. What am I going to do, she is such a tweird?!
بواسطة BabyChaun سبتمبر 14, 2011
something that is tite and weird
Damn dawg, that shit is tweird!
بواسطة liljayhawkboyy مايو 18, 2008

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