some one on youtube who writes a stupid pointless comment with the goal to recieve pointless 'thumbs up' ratings
21 people the the 'dislike' button was the 'dis i like' button

like if ***** sent you

two examples of thumb whores at work
#thumb whore #like whore #thumbs whore #thumbs up whore #ratings whore
بواسطة jadenator1987 أغسطس/آب 1, 2011
Top Definition
Someone who posts a comment on Youtube for the sole purpose of people liking it, shown as a "thumbs up".
"Like this comment if you think a carrot is better than justin beiber :P:P:P lol rofl"

Man that guy's such a Thumb Whore
#thumb hore #thumb hor #thum hor #faggot #thumm hoooor
بواسطة a_hypocrite نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 16, 2010
the thumbs up obsessed people on youtube who say lame and stupid things just to get on the highest rated comments.

much like trolls.
#1: thumbs up if you are the 303rd viewer!!!!1

#2: 60 ppl must have missed the like button! lol!11


these are thumb-whores
#youtube #thumbs up #whore #troll #comments #lame
بواسطة elevendy one يوليو/تمُّوز 19, 2010
Someone who would say anything to get a highest-rated comment on a YouTube video. Most of the time the comment has nothing to do with the video or at times the person would post a paragraph-long comment just so their comment can be noticed. A thumb whore would use certain techniques to get people's attention like abuse the caps lock button.
Thumb whore- "The quality of this video sucks! Stop recording shit with a cellphone and get a real camera! Thumbs up if you agree!!!"
#whore #attention #youtube #thumbs #lonely
بواسطة crownvicbro مارس/آذَار 1, 2011
Someone who posts a comment on youtube only to get in the highest rated comments section
person 1 "*unoriginal comment about the number of dislikes for a video*"

Person 2 "Shut the fuck up thumbwhore"
#douchebag #attention whore #thumb whore #asshole #youtube
بواسطة sexybacon سبتمبر/أيلول 21, 2010
One who shamelessly either thumbs up their down definitions day after day, or thumbs down definitions of things that they dont like. The same demographic who used to request for deletion any definitions they found "offensive"....
I clicked on that authors name and jeez, what a thumb whore, he has like 20 thumbs up on the word "ashjgihjaoifsghjafngj"
#loser #bored #dumb #whore #thumb #moose
بواسطة rush8192 أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 23, 2005
On Express, in the Human Pets app, on Facebook, someone who acts/talks like a complete slut, to get people to click her thumb for points.
I woulda gone to bed hours ago, but I'm too turned on reading what all these little thumbwhores are saying!
#facebook #thumbs #human pets #thumbslut #express
بواسطة cyberpope67,BC,Canada أكتوبر/تشرين الأوّل 20, 2007
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