Top Definition
Saddle Creek band. Techno-indie.
بواسطة jaybee اكتوبر 2, 2003
second greatest band ever from Omaha, NB.
dance punk is sweeping the nation!
بواسطة kindgeezer اكتوبر 18, 2004
Greatest band from Omaha EVER to exist..
Bright Eyes is just not that good, sorry folks.
بواسطة BriVeegs اغسطس 24, 2005
Great band, with the best known song "I disappear", which pretty much got old after 2 days. Some of my favorite songs from them are: Agenda Suicide, Glass danse, and Dust.
-No need for more words-
بواسطة Fuckthepainaway فبراير 16, 2005
Best thing to come out of Nebraska since Kool-Aid.
The Conductor and Southern bells all the way baby!

The Faint
بواسطة addyAddict ابريل 13, 2009

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