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Travel out of the country for 2 weeks to a destination such as Europe to test if your girlfriend will become a psycho when you don't communicate for that period of time.
Tell your girlfriend you're going on a backpacking trip through Europe for 2 weeks, and say you won't be able to contact her until you return. If she forgets the fact you went to Europe, e-mails you angry messages, cheats on you, then tries to tell you not to check your messages after she found out you were on a backpacking trip in Europe... She failed the Europe test, and you're better off without her.
بواسطة Peter Urban اغسطس 11, 2009
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A test one partner in a relationship (hereinafter “testing partner”) gives to the other partner in the relationship (hereinafter “tested partner”) to measure the level of insanity, irrationality, and insecurity of the tested partner.

The test consists of the testing partner telling the tested partner that he/she is going to be unavailable for a specified period of time. In its original form (inspired from a College Humor video), the unavailability was due to the testing partner backpacking in Europe (hence, the “Europe” test) for two weeks with his cellphone off to avoid roaming charges. However, the test is not limited to European vacations and can be adapted to any situation that involves the unavailability of the testing partner.

During such period of time, the testing partner cuts all forms of communication with the tested partner, including not replying to any correspondence by tested partner. This may include, but is not limited to, turning off his/her phone, not composing or replying to any email, text message, or social networking correspondences, etc.

The level of insanity, irrationality, and insecurity is measured by analyzing the resulting behavior of the tested partner. The tested partner “fails” the test if he or she did not behave in a manner the testing partner deems sane, rational, secure, or otherwise appropriate. Generally unacceptable forms of behavior include, but are not limited to, breaking up with testing partner, having sex with other people as a form of revenge, sending repeated blank messages to testing partner, sending hateful messages to testing partner, etc.

"The Europe Test" is used interchangeably with "Le Europe Test."
Example 1:
GUY #1: So I am thinking of proposing to GIRLFRIEND.
GUY #2: Really?? That’s awesome bro. Just to be sure, you should give her the Europe test.
GUY #1: Oh, of course…
*Two weeks later*
GUY #2: So, did she pass?
GUY #1: Nah, she fucked some dude after I didn’t answer her blank emails for one week.

Example 2:
GUY #1: Hey, are you still seeing that one girl?
GUY #2: Nah man, I had to cut her loose when she failed the Europe test.
بواسطة Pouya Ziapour اغسطس 11, 2009
Boyfriend(living in some other continent than europe) takes a vacation in Europe for 2 weeks and shuts off his cellphone, doesn't read his emails and is in all ways unreachable.
If, during this time, his girlfriend goes batshit crazy, cheats on him, dumps him or in any other way shows weak psychological fitness because she in some weird way didn't know about the trip...she's not worthy to be a girlfriend.
My ex-girlfriend didn't pass The Europe Test...damn she's crazy! She sold all my stuff on ebay and fucked my cousin while I was traveling Europe. I even bought her a necklace goddammit! Good thing this happened before we got engaged.
بواسطة IlJaanevits اغسطس 12, 2009

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