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A made up word that generally means Thank You, but in a more cheerful mannor. It's usually used in Instant Messaging, but can be used in real life.
#1 Person: I'll send you the picture in a minute :)
#2 Person: Thankies! :D
بواسطة Tré Groovy مارس 25, 2005
Same as thanks, but more interesting/annoying!!
Thanky for giving me candy!
بواسطة Sam S. اكتوبر 18, 2003
In reference to thanking someone, for a deed, favor or action done.
Person 1: Heres your water.
Person 2: Thankies
بواسطة Auryn مارس 29, 2005
Another way of saying thank you with out saying the two words
P1. Hey mom can I have your cake?
P2. Yea sure.
P1. Thankies XD.
بواسطة Sw33tNYCandie يوليو 21, 2011