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The Lan bear. A person who is big and goes to counter-strike events.
Look, its TLB!
#whore #bitch #slut #asstaker #fucker
بواسطة rodneyp أغسطس/آب 5, 2011
Tight little blond.
Dude 1, "Taylor Swift is a horrible singer"
Dude 2, "I'd fuck her"
Dude 1, "Why?!!"
Dude 2, "She a TLB"
#tlb #blond #tight #little #taylor #swift
بواسطة hotdanman مارس/آذَار 4, 2010
A Tall, Lanky, B*tch. This person is normally a male!! Lanky means extreamly skinny, where you can normally see there bones alot of the time.
Chris bosh, from the toronto raptors!
بواسطة David Mills فبراير/شباط 1, 2005
1. A body conscious adolescent male utilized by men of varying socio-economical backgrounds for stimulation. Endlessly customizable, a TLB skill set typically includes: advanced libido detection, high levels of anal retention, tiptop spinnability, bottomless sin reservoir, hungers for it.

2. A tightly packed morsel.

3. A fleshy multi-tool reared to achieve absolute owner satisfaction.
Check out the TLB on the back of that Harley. Nice hogware.
#tight little buddy #tlb #hogware #tighty #little buddy #t.l.b.
بواسطة ohfuckno إبريل/نَيْسان 27, 2009
That girl has a TLB!
#ass #backside #behind #donk #booty
بواسطة SNP07 نوفمبر/تشرين الثّاني 11, 2009
Tall Lanky Bastard. Has been sighted multiple times in and around Gackle-Streeter, North Dakota area. Is attracted to piss in beer bottles. Has extremely long nipple hairs. Speaks in monotone voice.
James F.
بواسطة Trevor Marshall مارس/آذَار 25, 2003
A ballin' drink: Apple cider, and raspberry smirnoff. So good. For best results, drink it cold and drink it fast.
"I can't even taste this! Is there alcohol in this? Its so good!!"
"Dude yeah theres hella alcohol in this! It's a TLB!"
#tlb #lester #apple cider #smirnoff #raspberry smirnoff
بواسطة bi til i die يونيو/حَزيران 14, 2008
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