Used to describe money
Do you have any squids?
Lend us a squid
بواسطة L'il reach يناير 18, 2008
when a female forcefully expells air from her vagina causing a noise.

squid is short for pussy fart
Amy let out a loud squid when she bent over
بواسطة pj نوفمبر 5, 2004
a word generally used to say something is cool, awesome, sweet, fabulous, or that you like something (or someone).
"Your shirt is so squid!"
بواسطة Squid Girl مايو 16, 2007
Derogatory term used to describe asians.
Those squids ruined the party.
بواسطة Abrad12387 يوليو 4, 2006
dick, penis
Brad's got bigger squid than Dagul.
بواسطة HunnyBunny سبتمبر 21, 2003
Me... that guy who kicks ass... ou know...
Squid is that 1337 gamer who kicks ass!
بواسطة Squid مارس 15, 2005
A young gentleman who can't make it to bowling, even tho he'd lose anyways
John couldn't make it to the bowling alley on Tuesday. It didn't matter anyways because he's no competition. What a squid
بواسطة Suchasquid يناير 22, 2016

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