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Someone who's talking trash behind someone elses back.
"I heard he be sneak dissin about you G!"
#gangsta #dissin #sneak #trash #your mom
بواسطة The Destroyer0021 مارس/آذَار 26, 2008
subliminal disrespect towards another person.Saying something about somebody without saying it to them.
"I see yo punk ass low key sneak dissin me!".One rapper who sneak disses alot is Jay Z. On one track of Blueprint 3 he refers to Dame Dash by saying "Hey lucky lefty!Kiss the wife goodnight for me!(laugh)" referring to dame dash's divorce.
#sneak #dissin #diss #low key #disrespect
بواسطة antisocialjerk أغسطس/آب 7, 2010
When someone does something behind your back
Matt: Yo, you hear what Joe's been saying about you behind your back?
Rich: He be sneak dissin' man. That aint cool.
#flag g #ayo miss #skir #thousus chrise #sneak dissing #back door
بواسطة the mammal مارس/آذَار 30, 2015
When punk bitches get together and talk shit about somebody but won't say a name
Her: Girl that hoe ugly
Her friend: I know
Me: Who y'all sneak dissin
Them: She know who she is
#sneak #diss #subliminal #scared #no name
بواسطة ZiggyPettyAss أغسطس/آب 19, 2015
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