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a snack
toss me that bag of small children, I'm hungry.
بواسطة maxzilla يونيو 22, 2003
Mmmmm, small children.
بواسطة caterpillar يونيو 22, 2003
The solution to the world power crisis.
We're running low on power, shovel a few more of those small children into the furnace will you?
بواسطة JDW مايو 2, 2005
Heroin that is meant to be inserted rectally.

I played with my small children last night at Adam's place.
بواسطة Donnie J. اكتوبر 12, 2003
A young human being who is not big and is fun to kick twice in the face!
Chris is a small child...... lets kick him in the face...twice
بواسطة Jebend يناير 23, 2007

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