a person usually a girl who is interested in gaming however is not Fugly and is actually very attractive
'Wow she games and shes fit shes so sian'
بواسطة FranTiix مايو/أيار 21, 2009
Welsh for Jane. NOT Irish....welsh.

In countries other than the U.K. can be pronounced Sigh-Ann, See- Anne, Seen, or WTF does that spell? Some correct pronunciations are Shan, Shawn, and Sharn.
Sian, go put the fan in the can for Dan.
Sian I am going to yawn 'cause it's dawn but I have to mow the lawn.
Sian go wait in the barn and I will get you some yarn to darn.
بواسطة Sailor Skye فبراير/شباط 14, 2010
A Punk Rocker With Flowers in Her Hair.
"I wish I was a Sian."

"Did you see that Sian go by?" "Yeah, what a hippie!"
بواسطة Chiks سبتمبر/أيلول 3, 2006
The girl everyone goes to for help. She isn't biased, so never gives her own opinons. She's quiet, yet very stressed. Sian will never let friends down. And she cares for everyone, even if they hurt her. She'll never moan about her own problems unless you ask her what's wrong. All day, she'll wear a fake smile to make you feel better. Sian will help you through all your rages and doubts.
Guy 1: I need help.
Guy 2: I suggest Sian.
Girl: Yeah, Sian will help. She'll never let you down, and she won't give her own opinon. She'll help without being biased.
Guy 1: Yeah, alright. I'll go to Sian.
بواسطة drama queen of new orleans يوليو/تمُّوز 13, 2012
Sian is a name, a welsh name, given to the beauties in life - often called attractive, or fit and very often sexy.
Girls with the name Sian are often pretty, and attractive. men always admire sian, and girls envy sian. Sian often uses phrases such as;- 'loved by some, hated by many, envied by most yet wanted by many'
even though with all the male attention she receives she likes to keep her love close to her, sian's always have trust issues, and they don't like to let people get to close, they always have one person they rely on to vent to (such as a best friend some one loyal and very different to her, which is why they are so close, they might aswell have keys to eachothers houses!!! Sian is always has a large group of friends but only has one that she selects to talk to.) she's not the type of girl who will kiss a thousand frogs to get to her prince. she will wait until she knows who her prince charming is.
Sian is always the girl people rely on to help problems 'the friend therapist' as such, when her friends have a problem they always think to ask sian what to do.
But there are many downsides of being a 'Sian', they always get treaten like.. shit if you like. if people have jobs that need to be done, sian is always the first person that they call, they walk over her. There are only a small selection that don't!
girls see sian - they want to be sian
boys see sian - they want sian
بواسطة crazycam33 يناير/كانون الثّاني 3, 2014
a kind, thoughtful, gorgeous, beautiful, person
hey Sian just wanted to know if u wana be my bae
بواسطة hotpotatogirl فبراير/شباط 17, 2015
Sian normally a person that is really safe, she has pooey eyes, she isn't a slag or a whore. And she is a very nice mate <3. and she is NOT a homsha. She's very attractive and is attracted to small brown haird brown eyed MEN.
a boy see's a 'sian' down the road and he gets a boner
بواسطة pooey eyes coxy إبريل/نَيْسان 2, 2011
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