The Jamaican word for penis
My Sheldon is big !
بواسطة Dejviballa101 ديسمبر 5, 2014
plankton, a dog, the cutest thing EVA, and an old man
Hey puppy boy! Cmere sheldon!
2) mwa hahaha i will destroy earth
you get back here kiddos!
بواسطة the repairman يناير 2, 2012
A mythical creature with long magetical hair, always sought after by faggits who dont deserve it.
Wow that Sheldon is very magestical
بواسطة Tsuskin يونيو 5, 2011
Man that guy Sheldon sure does rail them goats alot...
بواسطة spthefireguy ابريل 6, 2012
A weird guy who stalks Autumn
Sheldon at school stalking Autumn
بواسطة sheldon281 اكتوبر 3, 2011
An extremely intelligent individual, alienated from society. Traits include a cynical, argumentative, and egotistical personality, usually inept in all social and physical activities, such as sex and drinking alcohol. Common to have an admiration for political figures such as John McCain/Adolf Hitler/Josef Stalin/Gordon Brown.
Guy1: god, josh is such a Sheldon, i invited him to come for a drink and he said he would rather work on his physics assignment

Guy2: what a n00b
بواسطة happy_hippy27 مارس 14, 2009
prostitute worth under 50 cents.

works on the corner from 12am to whenever her pimp says so.
that chick is a sheldon selling herself.
بواسطة biitch يناير 30, 2007

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